ATM/Debit/Credit Card Swap

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What is this cybercrime?

  • Person enters ATM /Petrol Pump/Shopping Mall/other POS for withdrawl/payment.
  • Due to technical problem or not knowing how to use ATM/Debit/Credit Card, fraudster offers help to the person.
  • Fraudster does transaction to help the person and also to know the PIN of the card.
  • After completion of the transaction and before returning the card, the fraudster swaps the original card with another similar card of same bank.
  • Fraudster does extra transactions with the said Card and PIN later on.


  • Not to take help of unknown persons during transactions
  • Check ATM card on return if help is taken

Solution in case of incident

  • Block the said ATM card by contacting bank
  • Inform nearest Police Station and register a complaint including details of place where transaction was done and date-time of transaction. Also supply updated pass-book.
  • Write an application to Bank Manager including case details to return the debited money.

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