ATM Skimming

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ATM Machine

What is this Cybercrime?

  • Criminal installs a small camera above ATM keypad
  • Criminal installs a magnetic card copier in the ATM Card slot
  • When person uses ATM card, magnetic card copier copies the card data electonically and camera captures the PIN.
  • For this, person needs physical access to the ATM before and after the crime.


  • Hide keypad when entering the PIN during transaction.
  • Look for uneven/abnormal ATM card entry slot

Solution in case of incident

  • Block the said ATM card by contacting bank
  • Inform nearest Police Station and register a complaint including details of place where transaction was done and date-time of transaction. Also supply updated pass-book.
  • Write an application to Bank Manager including case details to return the debited money.

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