Job Scam

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What is this cybercrime?

Job Scam
  • Person gets phone/email that he has been chosen for a job at a good pay, or
  • Person sees the ad online or in newspaper regarding a job.
  • Person contacts the scammer through phone/email for job at big companies.
  • Scammer calls the person in an “office” for interview and filling form.
  • Scammer takes interview and demands money from the person as security deposit and form fee.


  • Do not respond to such emails/phone/ads.
  • Report such emails as SPAM.
  • Verify such job postings with the parent company.
  • Ask local people near “office” about the job company.

Solution in case of incident

  • Inform nearest Police Station and register a complaint including print of emails/messages/ads and copies of pass-book or online transactions.
  • Write an application to Bank Manager including case details to return the debited money.

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