Internet Privacy Tips

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Some of the tips to maintain your internet privacy tips are:

  • Avoid creating usernames and passwords containing your date of birth or other identifiable information.
  • Use a secure email service.
  • Try using different passwords for different websites.
  • Do not share too much information on social networks.
  • Do not allow applications access to your email, contacts, photo gallery, etc without reviewing their privacy policy.
  • Try using open source software whenever possible as compared to closed source software.
  • Read privacy policy of websites wherever you sign up for websites or install programs.
  • Keep a strong password.
  • Do not post too much information on social media websites.
  • Use antivirus software and a firewall.
  • On social media websites, change post settings to “friends only” where only your friends can see your content.
  • Do not click on strange links. Do not reply to unwanted mailers emails.
  • On social media websites, do not make friends with strangers.
  • Do not use public wifi.
  • Avoid search engines like Google that track your queries.
  • Turn off geo-tagging on your devices.
  • Always log out of your accounts on public computers.
  • If there is an option during signing up or in settings, opt out of sharing personal information.
  • Keep a password or a pin on your phone or computer.
  • Read app reviews and permission the app needs before you download any app.
  • The internet has a great memory. Do not post anything online that you might regret posting later on.

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