Social Responsibilities of Police


Every police officer should:

  1. behave with the members of the public with due courtesy and decorum, particularly so in dealing with senior citizens, women, and children;
  2. guide and assist members of the public, particularly senior citizen, women, children, the poor and indigent and the physically or mentally challenged individuals, who are found in helpless condition on the streets or other public places or otherwise need help and protection;
  3. provide all requisite assistance to victims of crime and of road accidents, and in particular ensure that they are given prompt medical aid, irrespective of medico-legal formalities, and facilities their compensation and other legal claims;
  4. ensure that in all situations, especially during conflict between communities, classes, castes and political groups, the conduct of the police is always governed by the principles of impartiality and human rights norms, with special attention to protection of weaker sections including minorities;
  5. prevent harassment of women and children in public places and public transport, including stalking, making objectionable gestures, signs, remarks or harassment caused in any way;
  6. render all requisite assistance to the members of the public, particularly women, children, and the poor and indigent persons, against criminal exploitation by any person or organised group; and
  7. arrange for legally permissible sustenance and shelter to every person in custody and making known to all such persons provisions of legal aid schemes available from the Government and also inform the authorities concerned in this regard.
  8. preserve, promote and protect human rights and interests of weaker sections, backward classes, poor, weak and the downtrodden.

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