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A computer is only as smart as the person who uses it. It is good or bad depending on who uses it. Even though computers and other electronic devices are penetrating our daily life in every aspect, we still do not understand them.

The nature of The Cyber Cops website will be purely academic and occasional posts will be made onto the website. The website will host articles written by me as well as other like minded colleagues and friends of mine as guest authors. All posts will be made by people who are enthusiastic about technology and are keen on sharing our knowledge. This website has been made with the motive of sharing knowledge and experience so that it might be helpful to others. The aim of this website is to present content that is in simple language and easy to understand for a person who is not from a technical background. I sincerely hope that you benefit from the content.

For more details on The Cyber Cops project, please see About page.

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