Is Internet Privacy Important?

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Internet privacy is important since it relates to collection, storage and dissemination of personal information about users by various websites. If you lose control over your information, it is a loss of privacy apart from a loss of your identity.

Is data privacy required?

Internet privacy is important because:

  • You would want your privacy to be respected by everyone.
  • Your information can be traded by the parent website itself.
  • Your information can be sold to another third party website under certain terms and conditions.
  • Your information can be hacked and used or sold by those hackers or cyber-criminals in a wrongful manner.
  • You may lose your autonomy if you lose your privacy since information about you can expose certain facts which you may not have wanted to be public otherwise.
  • Some websites which do behavioral analysis may influence your decision making by showing you relevant ads and “influencing” you to purchase or view particular information or products.
  • Mobile phone and some other applications may access your calls logs, contacts, location data, calendar or internet traffic to check really private information which can later be used to uniquely identify you or be used for any other purpose.
  • Some websites may also install “spyware” on your device which may again steal any amount of data from your device.
  • Your privacy limits the power that others (including the government) have over you.

And this is important because all of this may be happening without your active consent.

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