Network Types – LAN/WAN/MAN/PAN

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Network Types - LAN

Local Area Network (LAN) – LAN is usually present in a local area, usually an office or home. LAN is very small in size and generally very fast since all devices are almost right next to each other. A LAN is generally of two types – based on Ethernet (i.e. wired) and based on WiFi (i.e. wireless). This is the most common way to connect computers in schools, colleges and other educational institutions since they are present near to each other.

Wide Area Network (WAN) – WAN is larger than a LAN. It can connect multiple offices or homes or even beyond that. The Internet is the biggest WAN that exists. Again, these can be wired or wireless.

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) -MAN connects computers withing a metropolitan area.

Personal Area Network (PAN) – PAN covers a very small area, usually a small room. Bluetooth and WiFi(wireless) and USB (Wired) is an example of PAN.

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